Digestive System Worksheets

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digestive system worksheetsWe’ll be uploading new digestive system worksheets here from time to time. Click on the images or links below to download our worksheets. All worksheets come with answers which are provided in the same PDF.

These worksheets are free for personal use, in classrooms, or any other non-commercial setting. You are permitted to reupload them on blogs, social media, and other places as long as the credit in the footer remains.

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crossword puzzle Identify different parts of the digestive system by their functions and fill the answers in the crossword blanks.

Download this Crossword puzzle

 matching worksheet This is a matching worksheet on the parts of the digestive system. Fill in the blanks with the correct parts. Helping words are provided at the bottom.

Download this Matching worksheet

 parts of the digestive system word search_Page_1 This is a word search worksheet on the parts of the digestive system. Can you find all the related words?

Download this Word Search

This is a coloring page with all the parts labeled.

Download this coloring page
Download the unlabeled version

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